Lou Congelio
Creative Director/Copy and Content Development

A few things about Lou

When Lou isn’t doing that advertising thing, you can usually find him touring the country on the Just Ask Bus with his friend, Reggie Bibbs. Reggie has neurofibromatosis, NF for short, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow throughout the body. Lou and Reggie are on a two-man mission to raise awareness of NF and to impact the lives of those affected by neurofibromatosis by providing hope, education and positive energy.

His experience

For over 40 years, Lou Congelio has worked as copywriter, broadcast producer and creative director for some of the largest brands in America. Throughout his career, Lou’s work has won hundreds of local, national and International awards, culminating with the coveted Silver Award presented by the American Advertising Federation in recognition of his outstanding contributions to advertising.

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