Oh, Those Marketing Buzzwords!

by Maureen Davies on March 17, 2016 Comments Off on Oh, Those Marketing Buzzwords!
All marketers need to stay on top of trends of all kinds. Fashion, pop culture, color palettes, fonts — they all impact visuals and graphics choices. Just as design has trends, so do words. And our language today is changing so rapidly, as exploding technological innovation continually coins new phrases, words and acronyms, it’s hard to keep up! Here are some of the latest marketing ones bubbling to the top of the jargon heap:
  • Gifographic  An infographic enhanced through animation, taking the infographic craze to a new level.
  • Amplify  It started out as a word used to describe social media posts being picked up and spread. Now it’s being used as a synonym for “improve” or “increase”, probably because it just sounds cooler — as in “what can we do to amplify the success of the sales team?”
  • Telenurturing  This refers to a B2B marketing tactic in which lead nurturing, the process of growing promising sales leads into more qualified ones, is “amplified” (love it!) through telemarketing. When a prospect clicks on an email or a display ad, for instance, it triggers the assigned sales rep to make an unsolicited phone call timed just right to feel helpful to the prospect.
  • Programmatic Ad Buying Programmatic ad buying refers to digital marketing or advertising placements that are bought using automated software. Basically, automated media buying. At the moment, it’s mainly online ads that are traded programmatically, but increasingly media companies and agencies are exploring ways to sell “traditional” media this way, including TV spots and out-of-home ads.
  • Visual Search  This is something to watch, literally. Pinterest is pioneering this type of search with a tool that lets you select the specific part of a pin that interests you and then shows you more pins containing similar images.
  • FOLO  Fear of living offline. Whoa! This is a real thing.
  • IRL  In real life. Closely related to the one above in that it refers to offline, in-person interaction. The boom in online marketing is leading some to conclude that developing a digital relationship with an influencer, prospect or customer is great, but getting F2F (face-to-face) ups the connection.
  • Dark Post – When a brand creates a post, but does not push it out live on their page, it’s a dark post. This type of post won’t be seen in the newsfeed either. The only way the audience will see this post is if a brand pays to promote it to a specific subsegment, such as to fans of a certain sports team, instead of the league’s entire fan base.

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Maureen DaviesOh, Those Marketing Buzzwords!

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