2016 Super Bowl 50 Television: Everyone’s a Winner

by Kim White on February 9, 2016 Comments Off on 2016 Super Bowl 50 Television: Everyone’s a Winner

Talking bears. Talking pandas. Talking Marmots. Singing sheep. Singing Skittles. Singing babies. Dogs wearing hats. And a PuppyMonkeyBaby. Television viewers were the big winners as the 2016 Super Bowl TV spots were the best in years.

While it seemed a lot of advertisers played it safe with familiar music and celebrity endorsers, some took risks. Even Mountain Dew’s PuppyMonkeyBaby, which may have been just plain too creepy for a lot of viewers, was no doubt hilarious to their target market.

Avocados From Mexico’s spot was delightful and fresh: Aliens of the future tour a museum displaying “the bounty of Earth,” including the “cube of Rubik,” a “torture device” (a commercial airline cabin), and Scott Baio. The premise is fresh and jokes are great, and the ending on guacamole and chips does make you want their product.

This year’s Doritos Sonogram Scenario was one of their best amateur ad challenge winners. Add to this the Doritos Dogs spot and Frito-Lay may have been the big advertising winner this year.

And, as this year’s game was not a blow out and managed to stay close until late in the 4th quarter, viewership was most likely up. So the advertisers late in the game got great value for their discounted fourth quarter time slots.

The viewers win thanks to all this great television creative, not to mention the exciting game and spectacular half-time show.

Of course, at up to 5 million dollars for a :30 spot, CBS is the ultimate winner.

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Kim White2016 Super Bowl 50 Television: Everyone’s a Winner